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Prince Pearl ‘About Us’

West African textiles and culture inspire Prince Pearl products. The brand was created as we saw a need to re-introduce the African aesthetic to the fashion industry. Captured through the authentic lens, experience, and vision of an African-Canadian, we create limited edition and one-of-a-kind handbags and accessories based on the ever-changing West African textile market.

We are a Canadian based company that partners with a team of Ghanaian artisans who handcraft items according to Prince Pearl custom patterns & specifications. Fabrics are hand-picked from Ghanaian manufacturers and sourced from local Canadian importers. Your ongoing support allows us to continue our relationship with the West African communities who invest their time, talent, and craftsmanship into luxurious products that we enjoy everyday.

Meet the Designer

Meet The Designer

One Christmas day, Pearl was gifted with the first sewing machine that her mother bought when she moved to Montreal in the 70s. Since then Pearl’s vision of seeing the world in vibrant colors and with an African presence began to explode.

Prince Pearl was inspired by Pearl Ayimah in 2013. The Toronto based CEO and designer was born in Montreal, a city revered as a fashion Mecca. As a child of Ghanaian parents, Pearl’s fashion sense is influenced not only by the city in which she grew, but very much so by the vibrancy and richness of West African culture.

Being from a lineage of royalty and a child of a naturally gifted seamstress, Pearl has a way of channeling a sense of style that speaks of elegance, culture and natural art expression. Prince Pearl is a brand inspired by family. Having a sister in the fashion industry and a brother whose name is present in the unisex brand, the sense of community and togetherness is always present in the company’s culture.

What you are will experience is nothing less than the uniqueness of that which is expected of a black pearl.

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