Pottershaus Custom Made Clothing


Need something specific for a special occasion? With a custom order you will receive the following services:

  • Review and design of your custom order.
  • Consultation on fabric selection best suited for your custom garment (You will need to send us your fabric).
  • Selection from our stock of fabric is available depending on stock availability. We reserve the right to only work with specific fabrics.
  • Custom garment based on your measurements (you will provide us with your measurements). We recommend having a professional take your measurements. We will work according to the information you provide).
  • Delivery of your item in time for your special occasion. Please be sure to let us know ahead of the required delivery date.

***PLEASE NOTE: Additional fees may apply depending on any additional features requested to be added to the garment. The costs quoted online are for clothing items with elements that match what we currently have in stock. Please refer to a similar item on our page for examples. We will advise you of any additional costs prior to starting your custom order. If there are any disagreements, your custom order fee will be refunded in full.

After payment is received, we’ll send you an email with the items required and additional instructions. We will also schedule a phone conversation to ensure we have all the details per your requirements. Please be sure to include your name, email and contact number upon checkout.

Please begin the process by selecting a custom item from the list below. Shipping and handling charges will be applied upon checkout.

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